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A titular and two challengers qualified for the Tyrone Borough Council general election as a titular and a challenger failed in Tuesday’s Republican primary, based on unofficial figures.

Councilor David Snyder led with 523 votes, followed by Sarah Dane with 424 and Rob Poust with 346, so in November they will face the three Democratic candidates who ran unopposed in that party’s primary.

Councilor Sarah Jane Miller, with 256 votes, and Homer Kann, with 244, are not leaving Tuesday’s Republican contest.

“It’s always nice to know if people in general like what you do”, Snyder said Wednesday.

Snyder joined council in 2017 as an appointee for a member who had to resign because she left the borough. Snyder went on to win the seat by election that year.

Having served on the board and having cooperated in the award of “enrichment” fund and in the rehabilitation of the Ninth Street Bridge, it was “Fall in love with the city on a deeper level”, he said.

He wants to be able to continue working on such projects, “To see things through,” he said.

Dane, who owns a photography business, runs “To have more impact,” she said.

After COVID-19, people are eager to participate in community events and she would like to participate in making those events happen, she said.

She wants to be the kind of person who puts her weight behind their beliefs, and being a board member is one way to do that, she said.

She was a little surprised that she managed to get out of the main field, only having the idea of ​​running away from Councilor Tammy Wills, who encouraged her at a community meeting.

Now she will be on the

ballot in November against

Wills, one of the Democratic candidates.

However, Dane doesn’t see him as competitive.

“We all want the other to succeed”, she said. “What must happen will happen.”

Poust, co-owner with his wife of a coffee-tap room and also a building contractor, wants “To help guide (Tyrone) in the right direction as we go along,” he said.

He and his wife moved to the borough four years ago from State College, and since then he has joined a variety of community committees, he said.

Besides Wills (145 votes), the Democrats who will be in the November ballot are Lavender Capenos-Paolucci (105) and Kimberly Capenos (107).

Mirror staff editor William Kibler is at 814-949-7038.

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