From Struggling With ADHD To Becoming The Best Fashion Photographer, Gabito Rohh Can Inspire Anyone

Gabito Rohh is a professional fashion photographer who helps children ages 4-14 to make their mark in the fashion world. He teaches the essence of photography, modeling, design and production to children interested in fashion.

Gabito Rohh’s life journey has not been a fairy tale as he suffered from ADHD for five years as a child. It almost ruined his fun childhood days, so he decided to bring happiness into the lives of other children. Now he works to help other children express themselves fully through fashion and photography.

Born in Caracas, Gabito Rohh has had to face many challenges in relieving himself from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Finally, he moved to Houston, Texas, where he met with a specialist and completed a six-month training course to focus.

Gabito attended university in Canterbury, UK, and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. After that he started to work with many companies in the retail industry and he was able to travel around the world.

He worked and photographed fashion shows in many countries, then he realized his passion for fashion photography. Soon, Gabito Rohh started working for many children’s clothing magazines around the world.

With a desire in mind to help children, Gabito Rohh launched his production company, Happy Kids Media, in 2012 to organize fashion shows for young models. Thanks to this, children manage to participate in fashion events namely, Pitti Bimbo, FIMI Spain, Small Style Walking, IFEMA, to name a few.

Now Gabito lives in Barcelona and owns a studio to help kids excel in the fashion world. It also partners with 50 major brands for children. He also organizes fashion shows and provides image consulting.

In addition, the fashion photographer also focuses on fashion photo shoots for catalogs, look books and publishing editorial articles. In collaboration with Petit Style, Gabito Rohh also offers fashion training to 100 children aged 5 to 15 through the “Kids Fashion Camp”. We can see more of Gabito Rohh on his website and his Instagram page.

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