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PHOTO FINISH: In an age when anyone with a smartphone has the ability to produce photographs, Fotografiska New York hosts workshops, panel discussions, review groups, portfolio reviews, and other educational events.

At the head of the Fotografiska Academy is Stephen Frailey, the former president emeritus of the School of Visual Arts in New York. The photographer, writer and educator took care of developing the curriculum. Frailey, who wrote “Looking at Photography,” published by Damiani, noted that workshops are offered across all genres and motivations.

The fashion crowd can find classes run by Erik Madigan Heck, Dario Calmese, and Charlie Engman, who has worked with brands such as Prada, Hermès, and Stella McCartney. There will also be a four-night fashion photography seminar that will reveal the collaborative nature of a fashion story with commentary on Jimmy Paul’s hair, Dick Page’s makeup, Ricky Michiels’ casting and styling. a stylist whose name has yet to be named.

From now on, 14 professionals will participate and that number could increase to 60 with 400 courses, Frailey said. The roster includes Richard Renaldi, Jill Greenberg, Tim Davis, Elinor Carucci, Penelope Umbrico and Peter van Agtmael for events next month and in March.

There will also be a four-part workshop on the inner workings of the photography profession. Matthew Leifheit of Matte magazine, Michael Foley of the Foley Gallery and Elizabeth Renstrom of the New Yorker are on board for this, along with Steven Chaiken, Casey Flanegan, Jesse Kahn and Skylar Pittman of SN37. Frailey said he wanted to get involved with the academy because photography education is at a crossroads and because of the desire for “a community that offers nimble, relevant and rigorous ideas, as well as support and innovation “. He said he also wanted to “bring together platforms and global identities and address a pent-up need that is not sufficiently addressed elsewhere.”

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