Former Texas high school equipment manager dies of aneurysm


Ezra Cox, an Eaton graduate, was in charge of football, volleyball, basketball, and softball.


Former Haslet Eaton equipment manager Ezra Cox died of a brain aneurysm on June 18.

He had just turned 23 on June 8.

“Ezra struggled with many things in his 23 short years of life, but the thing he loved most was making the people he loved happy. To all of you who played a part in Ezra’s life, thank you,” Ezra’s father, James Cox, posted on Facebook.

Ezra Cox

In 2019, the Star-Telegram featured an article about Cox, who was a senior at the time, and his impact on the school’s various sports teams, particularly the softball program.

Cox was the softball manager and bat boy at Eaton’s for all four years while in high school.

He was also responsible for outfitting the football, women’s basketball and volleyball teams.

Eaton Ezra Cox is the Football, Volleyball and Softball Equipment Manager. Courtesy

Afterward, Eaton’s softball coach Lynn Rottman called Cox “a valuable member of the program.”

“He helps set up and take down training equipment every day. It helps prepare the ground for matches. He is an amazing young man who works hard and does everything he is asked to do. It was a blessing to have Ezra under the softball program and I am truly grateful for his service, Rottman said in the 2019 story.

A celebration of life is scheduled for 11 a.m. on July 2 at the Fellowship of the Parks in Haslet.

Cox had mild to moderate sensory neural deafness.

He was not completely deaf, but needed adaptations like hearing aids. He passed his hearing test at birth, but had a pneumothorax, also known as a collapsed lung.

Despite all the odds, Cox continued to have a passion for the sport.

“I really enjoy supporting our sports teams. I have found that as an equipment manager I can support teams by making sure they get the correct equipment. I love being the manager of all the teams,” Cox said in 2019.

Cox was offered a scholarship to Northwestern Oklahoma State to be its football and softball manager.

However, he stayed close to home, worked at UPS, and after high school Cox fell in love with photography and started his own page. He’s had many game nights with Northwest, Byron Nelson and Eaton’s, Fort Worth Lake Country, Boyd and more…taking pictures on the sidelines and enjoying every second.

We will miss you Ezra.

An Eaton graduate, Ezra Cox had a passion for sports and photography.

This story was originally published June 24, 2022 11:35 a.m.

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