Every stable and tag team Kevin Nash has been a part of, ranked from worst to best

That fans know him as Kevin Nash, Diesel or even Vinnie Vegas, there’s no denying how much of an impact Kevin Nash has had on professional wrestling. As a multiple-time world champion throughout his long career, he’s responsible for big moments regardless of promotion. In fact, when watching some of the greatest moments in the wrestling industry, Kevin Nash is usually up close.

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Part of the reason Nash was so successful is that he always had other powerful wrestlers on his side. By positioning himself within teams and factions, Nash was able to traverse businesses in singles and tag team competitions. Some of the teams he was part of during his full-time career were groundbreaking and helped boost his career. However, not all the teams he was part of were able to advance his career.

ten kings of wrestling

The Kings of Wrestling in TNA

At a time when Impact Wrestling focused most of its time on acquiring aging talent that wrestling fans would recognize, they brought in Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The former WWE and WCW stalwarts quickly aligned themselves with NWA Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett in an attempt to take over the business.

While all three wrestlers were proven stars at this point in their careers, the group was not well received by fans. Jarrett had been accused of having a stranglehold on the main event’s position within the company since its inception, and this group was seen as a way to keep him on the main event stage instead of giving away an opportunity to others.

9 The group


Of all the factions Nash has been a part of during his career, none has been more influential than the New World Order. Despite the group’s popularity since its debut in 1996, wrestling fans did not appreciate the group’s reunions. With each iteration, the nWo seems to be much more watered down and not as exciting.

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The last time an nWo reunion was attempted was in 2010 when The Band was formed. Despite including three original nWo members, The Band was not as popular and quickly outgrew its welcome in the business. The group was short-lived and served as a lesson in that there could be too much of a good thing, and best left to the nWo as a souvenir.


8 millionaires club

Kevin Nash with the WCW Championship on his shoulder.

By 2000, World Championship Wrestling was already showing signs of cracking and was not a stable wrestling promotion, but management was still looking for a way to keep their ship from crashing. The Millionaire’s Club was founded when Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo quit all of the company’s championships in an attempt to breathe new life into the promotion, and the company’s aging stars didn’t appreciate that.

The Millionaire’s Club has highlighted one of WCW’s deepest problems – aging wrestlers who couldn’t give up their main event spots. Unfortunately, Nash was one of those issues that ultimately led to WCW shutting down in 2001.

seven Paparazzi Productions


While Kevin Nash is mostly known as a serious wrestler when he’s at the top of the main event circuit, he was able to flex his comedic muscles in 2006. As a member of Paparazzi Productions alongside Johnny Devine and Alex Shelley, Nash has declared war on TNA’s X-. Division while pretending the division was a waste of space.

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Nash used his experience in the wrestling business to help train and guide two young wrestlers to a great spot on the card. Paparazzi Productions may not be considered the most successful band in the company’s history, but it gave Nash something different on his resume and allowed him to use his wealth of experience differently.

6 The Diamond Mine / Insiders

WCW Insiders

The partnership between Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page originally began when they both joined WCW in 1991. Both were originally members of The Diamond Mine faction. future world champions.

The team would reform as The Insiders in WCW’s twilight and would be the last time either held gold in the company. The two weren’t part of the WCW main event at this point and focused more on tag team ranks. DDP and Nash complimented each other well, but it wasn’t Nash’s most successful tag team.

5 nWo Wolfpac


WCW relied heavily on the nWo storyline for several years and even created offshoots of the group in order to maintain its popularity. As the first incarnation of the nWo to be considered good guys, Nash led the nWo Wolfpac. Dressed in red and consisting of Nash, Sting and Lex Luger, they led the group against Hulk Hogan’s nWo Hollywood faction in 1998.

As the nWo storyline grew band weary in 1998, the Wolfpac managed to breathe new life into the promotion. It was the first time Nash had been given the reins as the leader of a band, and he was very successful.

4 Main Event Mafia

Main Event Mafia

The concept of bringing multiple former World Champions together as a group to run a business wasn’t a new idea, but it was executed very well in TNA. Kurt Angle brought together some of TNA’s most powerful main events in Kevin Nash, Sting, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Christian Cage and Samoa Joe who would put their stranglehold on the promotion’s championships.

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By 2008, Nash’s best days in the ring were far behind him, but he was still a big name for the company. Nash was able to be a silent partner for the Main Event Mafia and step back from the spotlight, the faction has always been very successful and one of TNA’s bright spots during a time of uncertainty for the company .

3 Two guys with attitudes

Two guys with Attitude Tag Team Champions cropped

As one of the first bodyguards to turn against his boss, Kevin Nash exploded into the WWE spotlight in 1993 alongside Shawn Michaels. The two developed a quick friendship that would eventually form the infamous Clique behind the scenes.

Before they both became world champions, they focused on the tag team ranks as Two Dudes With Attitudes, which would propel them both up the event ladder. main. Without their successful partnership, Diesel might not have had the opportunity to win the WWE Championship after they disbanded.

2 nWo


The New World Order had one of the most significant impacts on the professional wrestling industry and helped turn the tide of the Monday Night War in WCW’s favor. The renegade group’s unpredictability drew fans to WCW in record numbers as their acts of violence and anti-establishment were so exciting and compelling.

Nash was one of the founding members of the group and helped cement his place in wrestling history by forming the group alongside Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall. Few knew how much the group would end up impacting the wrestling industry, and it remains one of Nash’s calling cards for his career.

1 The foreigners

The foreigners

Prior to the formation of the nWo, Nash and Hall were positioned in WCW as WWE “invaders” who sought to infiltrate the company. Although it seems common in modern wrestling, this angle was revolutionary and was a must act at the time. Forming The Outsiders, Nash and Hall were instantly one of WCW’s top performers for many years.

Before they both became main event-level players, the Outsiders dominated the WCW Tag Team Championship division for many years. Along with being part of the nWo, Nash’s partnership with Scott Hall would follow him through most of his other factions throughout his career.

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