Editorial: National Cannabis Council needs rural representation |

Here’s why: First, the law states that “appointees must reflect the racial, ethnic, sexual and geographic diversity of the Commonwealth”. There is no geographic diversity without southwest and southern Virginia.

Now here’s why we care so much: $$$. You would think that an agricultural product would naturally be grown in an agricultural country. Not here. The trend is to grow marijuana indoors.

Marijuana Business Daily reports that California – which has the country’s largest marijuana market, but also some of the most restrictive laws – more than 80% of the state’s jar supply comes from indoor operations.

With indoor operations, you can grow plants all year round. There is also the security aspect.

Greg Habeeb, a former state delegate who represented Salem, now heads Gentry Locke Consulting in Richmond, which advises prospective cannabis business owners. Here’s what he told us a few weeks ago: “It’s one thing if you’re in Mexico with a cartel guarding your field, but I don’t know how you provide security on a 50 acre marijuana field. that will satisfy Virginia regulators who know the domestic requirements for marijuana. “

A quote that deserves to be used a second time. It also shows: This new Virginia cannabis control authority may well require indoor growing only – and it will inevitably include those operations, along with their jobs and tax revenues, to urban Virginia.

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