EDITORIAL: Label Iranian security thugs as terrorists

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If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is serious about helping Iran’s brave women protesting the country’s theocratic dictatorship, Canada should declare the country’s domestic religious security force that brutalizes them a terrorist organization.

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Naming the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organization is long overdue.

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Iran itself is a sponsor of global terrorism.

Stephen Harper’s Conservative government severed ties with him in 2012 and declared the IRGC’s foreign security division, known as the Quds Force, a terrorist organization that year.

In 2018, Liberal and opposition MPs passed a non-binding resolution to also declare the IRGC’s internal security force a terrorist organization.

Canada holds IRGC Aerospace Force responsible for downing of Ukrainian International Airlines flight PS752 in January 2020, killing all 176 people on board, including 55 Canadian citizens, 30 permanent residents and more than 100 in all with significant ties to Canada.

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Last year, Ontario Superior Judge Edward Belobaba ruled in a civil lawsuit stemming from the IRGC’s downing of the civilian jetliner with two surface-to-air missiles it s It was a terrorist attack, despite denials from the Iranian government.

The IRGC is at the forefront of cracking down on ongoing anti-government protests in Iran, presiding over a propaganda campaign to discredit them as “a conspiracy of the enemy” and launching drone and artillery attacks on what he says are Kurdish separatist bases.

This follows the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the custody of Iran’s vice police, known as the Orientation Patrol, earlier this month.

Rights activists claim she was arrested for not wearing her hijab properly, sparking a wave of protests against the Iranian government, in which female protesters defiantly removed their head coverings in public, which is illegal under Iranian law.

The protests are also being fueled by widespread anger at the Iranian regime’s handling of the economy, which is experiencing high unemployment and inflation, in part due to global economic sanctions against the regime.

Trudeau says as part of As part of Canada’s growing economic campaign against Iran, its government will impose new sanctions, including some specifically targeting members of Iran’s vice police, in support of protesters.

But if Trudeau really wants to support them, then declare the whole IRGC a terrorist organization.

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