Earn crypto for content on the world’s only free speech blockchain

Have you heard all the buzz around post-earning opportunities in Crypto? Hive is the hive that creates this buzz. Let’s get down to business and show off all that Hive has to offer

Hive is a fully decentralized, social media-focused blockchain that has a thriving ecosystem of apps that offer many ways to earn cryptocurrency with very little or no investment at all.

One of the highest paying ways to earn is Post-to-earn. It’s like posting to regular social media apps, except you actually own the content posted to Hive.io. But, the gain does not stop at the display. You can earn Up-voting content, as well as comments.


Since its inception, not a single word has been deleted from the Hive blockchain. Unlike similar platforms, by design, no central authority is able to remove/edit or deny publication of any content. The user is the full owner of his account and the account cannot be banned, deleted or removed from the user. This makes Hive the only true free speech platform in the world.

And according to the earnings, you can see below the data found on Hive.blog, one of the most popular Dapps in the ecosystem. This article is about payments – for both curators and content creators.

“In its two-year existence, the Hive blockchain network has distributed $17,717,810 to content creators and custodians of native coins, Hive and HBD. If we consider layer 2 tokens from tribes and games, this number increases much more…

Over these two years, the total content rewards for Hive are as follows:

Author Rewards: $8,199,546

Curator’s Rewards: $9,518,264

Total Content Rewards: $17,717,810

Hive has distributed at least $17,717,810 in content rewards over two years

Hive has released $17 million in payments to its users and content creators via Hive tokens and HBD (Hive Backed Dollars). Moreover, this number only shows a two-year delay. The platform continues to grow, and so do the opportunities for members of its community. They are strong communities – growing and diversifying every day!

New users can find countless communities on Hive presented in a system reminiscent of “Subreddits” on social media behemoths like Reddit. These communities cover a myriad of topics like music, art, travel, sports, photography, and much more. Each of these communities holds various events at different times to facilitate engagement by rewarding their users simply for participating.

The format for date fields is ‘YYYY-WW’. That is, 2021-25 is week 25 of 2021 (Monday June 21 to Sunday June 27).

1. Weekly number of posts (including comments)



Joining the Hive.io community is very simple. You can easily create an account and start earning today! If you want to learn more about how the whole ecosystem works, connect with Hive in the links below!

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