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Some people stuffed change and dollar bills into red kettles. Others sent checks by mail.

The end result of all of these donations – large and small – is that The Salvation Army will be able to do more to help those in need throughout Webster County.

The Salvation Army’s fundraising effort at the end of last year surpassed its goal of $126,200. The final tally shows that $143,000 was donated.

“It’s God who puts in people’s hearts to give,” said Capt. Linda McCormick, commanding officer of the Salvation Army at Fort Dodge.

The red kettles are the most visible part of the fundraising effort, but there’s also appeal in the mail. These two efforts combined resulted in a larger than expected inflow of $143,000.

It’s very refreshing to see an organization dedicated to doing so much good stand out and be able to do even more. In many places this is not the case.

This development is a tribute to the generosity and care of local residents. In Webster County, people usually drop donations into the red kettles. And they don’t hesitate to send donations either.

McCormick has some interesting ideas for new programs. She would like to set up a prescription assistance plan to help people in need pay for their medication.

She would also like to help people with the costs associated with obtaining proper photo ID. Having proper photo ID can help someone with many things, including finding a job.

These programs will come from the donations of many people. We hope that the spirit of generosity that made them possible will continue long into the future.

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