DeMarcus Ware gives teens the opportunity to take photos of their lives

For 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos, DeMarcus Ware was one of the best defensive players in the NFL. Now retired, the 2016 Super Bowl winner spends some of his time giving back to the kind of communities he comes from.

As a young boy, Demarcus was a member of a Boys and Girls club in Alabama, and this experience inspired him to surprise 13-year-old Isaac Edwards.

Check out the video above to see the NFL superstar give the aspiring photographer the surprise of a lifetime.

Isaac has been fascinated by cameras since elementary school. Although happy to photograph anything, his dream is to become a sports photographer.

Her passion for photography caught the attention of the Boys and Girls Club of America in East Dallas, TX. In partnership with the educational organization Outschool and the community initiative Stand Together, they organized Isaac’s participation in a free 7-day photo training camp.

Online classes taught Isaac some of the techniques used by top photographers, and his latest assignment took him to the Dallas Cowboys headquarters in Frisco, Texas. The visit took place a day after Isaac’s family home was flooded by a winter storm, so emotions were running high.

But his troubles quickly passed behind him thanks to a double surprise. First of all, he got a brand new camera. And then, a one-on-one photoshoot with the legendary DeMarcus Ware.

As a veteran of countless photo shoots and owner of a video production company, DeMarcus was a great subject and a great teacher, giving Isaac an unforgettable start to his career as a photographer.

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