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Super Eagles stars Victor Osimhen, Calvin Bassey, Super Falcons striker Asisat Oshoala and legendary Nigerian international chef Segun Odegbami were among the winners of the 2021 Ballers Awards.

The Fourth Annual Ballers Awards was held on Sunday June 12, 2022 at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Other recipients include Joe Aribo, Zaidu Sanusi, Maduka Okoye, Ahmed Musa, Kennedy Boboye, Paul Onuachu and Anayo Iwuala.

Attending Sunday’s awards were NFF First Vice President, Advocate Seyi Akinwunmi, Chief Odegbami, Group Chief Executive, Complete Communications Limited, Dr Mumini Alao and Chairman of the Sports Commission of the Lagos State, Sola Aiyepekun.

Also present were renowned sports presenters Deji Omotoyinbo, Charles Anazodo, Mozez Praiz and Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemate Ozoemena who presented one of the awards.

In the awards categories, Osimhen won both striker of the year and ball of the year for men, Bassey received the revelation of the year award, Odegbami received the legendary award ball, Onuachu was awarded the Super Eagles Goal of the Year and Oshoala was the recipient of Fan Favorite Ballerina and Ballerina of the Year awards.

Goalkeeper of the Year went to Maduka Okoye, Sanusi was chosen Best Defender of the Year, Aribo was named Midfielder of the Year, Super Eagles skipper Musa was named Humanitarian of the Year Boboye was voted coach of the year, Espérance Tunisian striker Anayo Iwuala received the award for the best local player and Ajani Waheed returned home with the most promising ball.

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And in other award categories, Akinwunmi won the Excellence in Leadership award and veteran journalist Kunle Solaja received the Industry Icon of the Year award.

Additionally,’s Shina Oludare won the Best Print/Online award, the Best TV/VLOG award went to Hindsight Podcast while Justina Aniefiok won the Best Sports Photography award.

Representatives collected prizes for most winners who were not present at the event.

There were music, dance and comedy shows to entertain the guests.

Former Nigerian internationals like Joe Erico, Barnabas Imenger, Justice Christopher, Yisa Shofoluwe who recently passed away have all been recalled by the organizers of the award.

Also remembered are Complete Sports founder and Nigerian sports icon, Dr. Sunny Emmanuel Ojeagbase and former NFF technical director, Kashimawo Laloko.

Speaking after the awards ceremony, the founder of the Naijafootballers organizers of the Ballers Awards, Gbenga Salu, thanked everyone who took the time to be at the award.

“Let me take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who attended this award, I cannot thank you enough. You have made this possible by taking the time to be here.

“We are looking forward to the next edition which will take place next year and we hope that it will be bigger than what we have just witnessed, because we always pray that the new edition will be bigger than the previous one. So again I want to say a big thank you to everyone, I’m grateful.

Ballers Awards 2021 winners:

Calvin Bassey

Asisat Oshoala

Maduka Okoye

Zaidu Sanusi

Joe Aribo

Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen

Asisat Oshoala

Ahmad Musa

Ajani Wahid

Kennedy Boboye

Paul Onuachu VS LESOTHO

Anayo Iwuala

Retrospective Podcast (YOUTUBE)

Shina Oludare (

Justina Aniefiok

Kunle Solaja

Seyi Akinwunmi

Segun Odegbami

By James Agberebi

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5 ways to make money as a sports fan Thu, 09 Jun 2022 11:17:12 +0000

Who doesn’t like to watch or play sports? The idea of ​​supporting your team, watching them score points and buying their wares adds to the experience. You also have the opportunity to discuss the result of the game with other sports enthusiasts, which makes the matches even more exciting. However, the sport is not just a hobby; you can make a lot of money from games without being a professional athlete.

As a sports fan, you have the opportunity to work in a large sports industry that caters to spectators like you. If you like the game, you will enjoy enjoying what you have watched. So, to earn money based on your favorite games, here’s what you need to do:

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However, when placing bets, make sure you know what you are doing and know the industry before placing high stakes bets. You should also not change it if you think you might lose too much without proper guidance. Rest assured, you can find plenty of comprehensive guides online to help you choose where to place a bet.

You are suitable as a commentator as long as you understand how a game is played, key players, manager names and how crucial a game is. These professionals are hired based on their understanding of the sporting event. Thus, your education does not matter as long as you are eligible, have clear diction and are fluent in the spoken language. Google can connect to various sites designed for commenting, and with a simple sign-up, you have your setup.

Some platforms allow you to monetize your comments and add ads, while others can help you set up a subscription service. If you sincerely want polish yourself as a commentator, it’s best to search YouTube videos and emulate the style of some professionals while inserting your way of describing the match. The better you talk, crack jokes, and make insightful comments. The more people will pay for your services.

People read blogs, especially when it’s a topic that interests them. Sports is one of those niches that cannot be ignored. Viewers want to know how many people share their thoughts and views and how many can voice their thoughts about a particular team. By becoming a blogger, you have a chance to earn money with your content. When you know the game well and have strong opinions, the words will come straight to you. There is no limit to the expressiveness of your blog.

You can highlight past performances and equate them to recent ones to show how players have improved or deteriorated over the years. Blogs also allow you to share downloadable content. So, if you have free time, you can select additional posts, images or videos and add them to your blog. Making videos is also a type of blogging except it is called vlogging on the internet. When you create a video blog such as those adapted for YouTube according to the rules and standards in force, you can add advertisements and monetize what you present. This allows you to discuss matches in detail, have live sessions with your audience and convince them to subscribe to you, allowing you to earn money from your sports opinions.

If you have a professional camera such as Nikon with a DSLR lens, you are fit to be a photographer. Sports photography pays well. When you capture players right now or manage to snap a picture of a monumental victory, those images are priceless and can get many high-end magazines looking for you. While you can’t hang around the press side of a game to take the best shots, being invited as the official photographer for any sporting event requires connections. You can always take them as a fan to be on the side of professional journalism.

Angles, lighting and how you use your camera will make a difference. The only trick is to find the best spot in the stadium or near the pitch and focus on capturing proper poses. Consider starting a website or selling them to magazines when you’ve had enough. If you’re posting online, make sure your watermark is in place. This prevents others from stealing your work as the watermark is difficult to remove. You can always earn more by selling exclusive rights to certain media companies who want to buy your photos.

  • Sell ​​merchandise and souvenirs

Collectibles always sell well. When it comes to owning a piece of their favorite player, you can count on people getting emotional and spending a good fortune. Consider selling them on Amazon or eBay if you have signed jerseys and bats, bags or posters. Rare items like exclusively signed T-shirts or a ball from the actual sporting event can easily net you over $1,000.

baseball cards are another rare and prestigious item that sells well and is incredibly expensive. You can earn up to $50 per card and go even higher depending on the value of your cards. If you also have video games, end-of-production consoles, or gamer-endorsed products, feel free to upload them. Fans will buy anything as long as their star player is on the product. The only care you need to take is to package and sell the product in advance without damaging it.


Sporting events are expensive. World Cups are even more exuberant, making this industry quite luxurious and lucrative. As a fan, you have the opportunity to earn money from your love of the sport. While watching can be fun, think about how much you can earn by actively selling goods. You can earn a lot of money, including betting, becoming a commentator, running a blog, doing professional photography, or selling merchandise and collectibles. As long as it’s tied to a massive sporting event, expect fans to rush you and buy it.

Sharla George Photography – Virden Empire-Advance Mon, 06 Jun 2022 21:14:00 +0000

Sharla George of Sharla George Photography works from her home in Virden. She also travels for on-site photo shoots.
“My father had a ‘sophisticated camera’ and I was always interested. (I still have dad’s old camera). My creativity and love for captured moments started once I was able to have a compact camera with a digital card. I could see the images right away and make adjustments.
She started photography as a hobby 14-15 years ago and practiced “a lot” on her niece and nephew. “It was 14 years ago when I started photographing hockey when my nephew was playing snow hockey. My love for sports photography grew from there.
“After taking photography and photoshop classes, I continued by learning with online courses. I now specialize in sports photography (still and action) as well as family and graduation sessions. Family is important to me and the ability to capture family moments for others will always be a highlight for me.
George says that over the past five years she has become familiar with the newborn sessions and has always gotten along well with the children while capturing special moments.
She loves taking photos, but she is also well known for her photography skills. “I love sitting in front of the computer and creating collages, composites and images in Photoshop.
“I save my favorite prints every year and choose one to print on canvas to display on my wall. I also create photo books every year. My fear is that if these are not printed they will be lost later and those memories will not be seen.

Miguel Raimundo shares his secret of beautiful street portraits Sun, 05 Jun 2022 10:03:51 +0000

“It’s the best way to make friends,” says Portuguese street photographer Miguel Raimundo when asked if he’s made lifelong acquaintances by photographing strangers. Asking permission for photos goes a long way in getting a smile back. But there is always a strange person who feels threatened and may even become violent. Miguel shrugs with a smile and continues on his merry way.

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I’m afraid to ask strangers for portraits when I’m taking pictures alone. But I don’t lack self-confidence when I’m with a photo walk group. It’s almost as if I felt that I wouldn’t be rejected if a stranger saw me alongside a group of photographers. Of course, experience has proven me wrong on this, but that doesn’t change my approach. It’s not like I photograph people from a distance in secret when I go out alone for photos. I tend to capture more street life in general, rather than single people.

Somehow, when I’m with other photographers on the street, I think it’s easier to get rejected when asking for a photo. It probably means that the others would also be rejected, and then it wasn’t my approach that was the problem; maybe it was just a person who didn’t want a picture anyway. Seeing Miguel’s impressive images, I’m tempted to change that. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about rejection so much and focus on getting a fantastic picture of those who agree. Dubai is, after all, a place with many interesting and friendly faces.

The essential photo equipment used by Miguel Raimundo

Miguel told us:

The Phoblographer: Hi Miguel. Tell us about yourself and how you came to photography.

Miguel Raimundo: Good morning! My name is Miguel Raimundo; I am a 24 year old hobbyist analog photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal. Like some of you reading this, I’ve had the pleasure of inheriting photographic equipment… It’s almost better than finding gold in your attic – yes, I found a 501c in my attic …unused but not sealed. “If your dad has it, you most likely will,” or something like that. You get the picture – pun intended.

The process. A breeze. Be concise, polite, smiling and non-intrusive: “Hey! I’m doing a project of portraits of people in XXXX (city), and I would like yours”. Rest for about 2 seconds for their facial reaction and before they say anything to you, just add: “only if you want!” if you don’t, that’s fine, I’m just going” with a big smile and an easy posture.

The Phoblographer: Approaching strangers for a photo is not a new trend, but when did you start doing it? Tell us about your very first experience and the photography you took from it.

Miguel Raimundo: The first… to be honest, I’ve always been an outgoing person. Playing and talking with people on the street has always been something I loved to do. One of those days in 2017 I just had the camera in my hand at the right place at the right time and picked up this one:

Simple and fast. I just asked for a photo, I had two minutes of chatting and I left thinking to myself: “I could do this more often”… And then it started.

The Phoblographer: How do you approach foreigners these days? Do you just ask them when you have your 501C with you, or do you also show them some of your previously taken photos? What does the process look like?

Miguel Raimundo: The process. A breeze. Be concise, polite, smiling and non-intrusive: “Hey! I’m doing a project of portraits of people in XXXX (city), and I would like yours”. Rest for about 2 seconds for their facial reaction and before they say anything to you, just add: “only if you want!” if you don’t, that’s fine, I’m just going” with a big smile and an easy posture. This will give you a 90% acceptance rate. Reverse psychology, I guess. The Hassy can help a bit. Some agree; some don’t. That’s life.

The Phoblographer: Of course, there could be a lot of rejection with this type of approach. Do you ignore this and move on, or do you give each rejection a second try to try and convince them?

Miguel Raimundo: Don’t ask me anymore. Be concise. After the “only if you want to”, if they don’t seem to like your idea, just say “no worries!” thank you” and leave. The best portrait of the day might pass while you’re trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced. Once again, that’s life

The Phoblographer: Were there any unpleasant incidents while doing this? Incidents where strangers became offensive?

Miguel Raimundo: You mean drunk people? No. I had an old guy who called me like, “Picture? go to work, damn artist”. It was the height of inconvenience. Again, be respectful and no one will bother you.

The Phoblographer: Which photographs were the most memorable (not just in terms of the results, but also the experience behind it)?

Miguel Raimundo: I can tell you two that came to mind. The first was at the Coimbra bus station in 2019. I was going to take a bus to my hometown, and there was this tired young nun sitting on a bench inside the station. We exchanged a little eye contact, then she just lowered her head and (still having my gun at the ready – the Hassy) I just fired:

I haven’t spoken with her. It remained a mystery.

The other was maybe in 2018 when I met a cool old Brazilian dude with some great stories. I met him in Viseu. He was traveling in Europe that year and he ended up staying a little longer in Viseu than he had planned. Zé dos Rios was his artistic name. Look it up on the web, and you’ll find something. He passed away a few months ago.

One of the only photos where I liked the smile.

The Phoblographer: Do the subjects give their coordinates and ask for the images? Did you make any friendships along the way doing this?

Miguel Raimundo: Every time I photograph someone (with a camera), I give them my Instagram. I think it’s a bit elusive if you ask for their Instagram or any other social media you want to use. Give them yours and let them message you. Friends? Dude, this is the best way to make friends. I’ve met exes… that’s saying something.

The Phoblographer: One question you might have been asked is, why are you shooting them on film and not digital? How do you respond to that?

Miguel Raimundo: Why is someone making a movie? Why do you have to pay for a nice big vinyl instead of just using Spotify? I use Spotify and listen to vinyl. The same applies to photography: if I have to do more professional photography, I always use digital, but if I just want to have fun, film is the answer, analog is the answer.

The Phoblographer: Are there any photos you’ve honestly taken of strangers without their knowledge? Which are your favorites among these?

Miguel Raimundo: A complete and giant “Yes”. I tried some street photography, and I think some turned out way cooler than I expected. I think it’s easier to do this while traveling, where you know no one knows you, and you’ll be out of there in a week max. But doing this in your hometown (even if it’s a big city) might not be as comfortable (funny to read those words coming from someone asking strangers for portraits). And hey, the Hassy isn’t a Leica… it’s a noisy camera.

The Phoblographer: In which city or country would you say you had the best time taking portraits of passers-by? Why do you consider this the best?

Miguel Raimundo: My beautiful sunny Portugal. Anywhere you can take pictures is the best place to take pictures. Get out, shoot.

All images are by Miguel Raimundo. Used with permission. Take a look at her Instagram page to see more of her street portraits. Also be sure to submit your own photos to figure.

Penn State All-Sports Museum to Open ‘I Am A Penn Stater: Nittany Lions In World War II’ Exhibit Fri, 03 Jun 2022 08:11:58 +0000

Penn State’s All Sports Museum announcement the opening of a new exhibition on Wednesday.

I’m a Penn Stater: Nittany Lions in World War II will chronicle the contributions of Penn State scholars and Women’s Recreation Association athletes during World War II.

“Using a variety of photographs, letters, diaries and artifacts, I’m a Penn Stater provides visitors with a first-hand understanding of the service provided by more than 1,200 former Nittany Lions who entered the military and the American Red Cross, Penn State Athletics said in a statement. Release.

The exhibit will feature the experiences of various Penn Staters, such as wrestler Frank A. Gleason, who served in the Office of Strategic Services, Emma Jane Foster, a State College native who served as a civilian nurse with the Flying Tigers in China. Male basketball player Jack Reichenbach, who flew bombers for the US Fifteenth Air Force over Europe, and wrestler Clair L. Hess, who jumped with the 101st Airborne Division on D-Day, will also see their stories presented.

It will also recognize the 27 former scholars who lost their lives during the war, including football star Donald Megrail, Navy Cross recipient W. Garfield Thomas, boxer James W. Wright, and many others.

The title of the exhibition comes from a letter written by Sergeant Max S. Peters, a 1941 Penn State graduate and tracker. As he went through his list of Democratic beliefs and reasons to fight, he instead felt it was easier to say “I’m a Penn Stater” because he thought the phrase summed up everything he believed in.

Visitors can find the exhibit on the second floor of the museum. It will run from June 10, 2022 to June 1, 2025.

Frankie is an accounting and economics student from Long Island, NY. You can probably recognize him as the typical Italian American with slicked back dark hair. He is an avid fan of the Rangers, Mets, Jets and all Penn State Athletics teams. Follow him on Twitter @frankiemarzano for obnoxious amounts of Penn State and Rangers content or email him at [email protected]

GotPhoto launches service for volume sports photographers Wed, 01 Jun 2022 20:02:00 +0000

NEW YORK, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GotPhoto announces the launch of its updated sports photography service, designed to meet the needs of this large segment of the volume industry. GotPhoto, already recognized as a leader in volume school photography software, makes a similar claim in the sports photography market with a full new suite of features. This new offering continues to reflect the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of its users – and their customers.

CEO Benedikt Greifenhofer note: “As the market leader in high-volume school photographers, we have always served the sports market as well, simply through our existing features. Many of our top school photo customers also have big business in the sports market, and they’re clamoring for the addition of the cutting-edge features we’re announcing today. They can now consolidate all their activities in one place. And with memory companions, simple controls, upsells, and great partnerships for processing and product fulfillment, even sports-only studios will find our offering irresistible.”

Long time customer tim macdonald of Image Art Studio agrees. “We have long trusted GotPhoto to provide a smooth and seamless experience for parents at our schools, and with these upgrades, parents’ sports photo needs will also be complete. Our customers will be so pleased with all the options incredible, and we expect to see both revenue and satisfaction increase.”

New releases include integration with Next Generation Photo Solutions, a world-class service for high-quality custom graphics such as memory mates, team composites and more, as well as the QMate custom DIY tool that integrates directly with GotPhoto for automated creation. and the sale of memory companions. GotPhoto also recently launched Prepay+, a new and improved approach to prepaying online sales. All offerings are available immediately to allow for training and adoption before the busy fall season. CEO Greifenhofer comments: “With these upgrades, we expect our customers to improve their business immediately – and that is our goal. We’ve made it easy to return to the best season ever.

About GotPhoto

For the past decade, GotPhoto has been the leader in supporting high-volume photographers with its comprehensive, easy-to-use sales and workflow software. With a mission to make school, sports and dance photographers more successful, whether you’re photographing 100 students or 100,000, GotPhoto can help you save time and increase your sales. For more information, visit


Virginia Tech Baseball to host NCAA Regional as No. 4 seed Mon, 30 May 2022 21:00:05 +0000
The Hokies will host their second NCAA regional, beginning Friday. (Virginia Tech Sports Photography)

Beginning in 2022, coaches at the ACC and nation have viewed this season as another John Szefc-era rebuilding year for Virginia Tech.

His throw — after losing four starters in the MLB Draft last July — is unproven. The Hokies brought in a few mid-major transfer bats and pitched a real, but relatively unknown, freshman on the mound in Drue Hackenberg, who became one of the best in the conference.

It all culminated in arguably the best regular season (41-12) and conference (19-9) record in program history, as well as the program’s first Coastal Division championship. That was enough for the NCAA to reward Virginia Tech with the No. 4 seed overall at the 2022 NCAA Baseball Tournament on Monday afternoon.

It’s only the second time in school history that Blacksburg has hosted a region in the tournament – the first came during Pete Hughes’ final season in 2013. Overall, it’s the 10th NCAA region in program history. However, the Hokies have yet to make a super regional.

That could change this spring after the Hokies drew favorable matchups in Gonzaga (No. 2 region seed), Columbia (No. 3) and Wright State (No. 4).

This is a three-day regional double-elimination competition that will take place at English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park on Duck Pond Drive. Gonzaga and Columbia will open play Friday, June 3 at 1 p.m. ET on ESPN+. Virginia Tech and Wright State will follow later in the evening with a first pitch at 7 p.m. on the ACC network.

Tickets will be available on Tuesday, May 31. Click here for more information.

The Hokies have no recent history with Gonzaga or Columbia, playing the latter two in 1995 and 2010, respectively.

The bats came alive for Virginia Tech in Games 2 and 3 against Wright State in March. (Virginia Tech Sports Photography)

Wright State, however, played Blacksburg earlier this season in Tech’s last non-conference series in early March. The Raiders got away with Friday’s game in an 11-5 victory in which Griffin Green had six runs in two innings. But Virginia Tech came back strong with wins Saturday (9-3) and Sunday (17-1) to win the series.

Ryan Okuda, who has since been taken out of the weekend rotation, gave Tech five two-run innings (one earned) in Game 2. Drue Hackenberg’s first real test came on Sunday and he proved himself up to the task – all while setting up his success to run away with the ERA ACC Regular Season Title (2.44) . He pushed for seven innings, allowing five hits and a run in his last inning. The freshman struck out six en route to the 16-point victory.

Sunday’s victory moved the Hokies to 9-1 on the year. The following week, Virginia Tech was swept on the road at Georgia Tech — the Hokies were ruled out twice — and lost a third-inning conference game to Pitt on March 18.

Sitting 0-4 in the ACC, they didn’t panic. Their confidence remained high and never wasted. They were 2-19 in their last 21 ACC games since last season. But they knew they had talent. They had learned to lose, because all of a sudden, a flipped switch.

The second Pitt game? Virginia Tech won handily, 22-6, its first ACC win of the year. Since then, he has won 18 in his last 23 ACC games and 29 wins overall in his last 35 games.

The Hokies are on a roll, having won 29 of their last 35 games. (Virginia Tech Sports Photography)

2022 marks the first NCAA tournament appearance for Virginia Tech since 2013, when Tech was eliminated by Oklahoma in the Regional Finals. It’s Szefc’s first appearance in the tournament since leading Maryland to a region in 2017 — he also did so in 2014 and 2015 when the Terps were in the ACC.

If the Hokies advance, they will host the winner of the Gainesville Regional in Blacksburg. No. 13 Florida, Oklahoma, Liberty and Central Michigan are the four teams in this bracket.

you can follow Chris Hiron and Tech Sideline Baseball Blanket on Twitter to follow everything surrounding Blacksburg’s first regional since 2013.

Woodlands Online presents its Summer Intern Guide Thu, 26 May 2022 04:10:27 +0000

THE WOODLANDS, TX – With summer vacation fast approaching, Woodlands Online is acutely aware that parents are wondering what they can do to keep their kids active during the break. We are delighted to announce our annual Student Internship Program, where we take growing minds and talents and hone them in a relaxed yet active work environment. We have four main departments looking to hire interns – Editorial, Sports, Photography and Video.

Several slots are open for students this summer!

Writing interns will learn journalism skills and be given assignments — and the freedom to come up with their own assignments — to research, interview, and write feature stories for full byline and credit on our site and social media channels. All topics relevant to The Woodlands region – including politics, community, events, human interest, editorials, reviews or investigative reporting. Sports Interns will accompany the Sports Director to sporting events to do live reporting, interviews, recaps and photography. Photography interns will learn practical photography skills and will be sent to events to take photos for full photo credit. Video interns will respond to the director of videography and learn how to exploit and produce video in the studio and on location, as well as host live events and produce video clips.

Education and youth activity are key factors in our mission, and we believe the best preparation for a student to meet real-world challenges is hands-on experience. If you have or know of students who have an interest or talent in photography, videography, writing or reporting, we would love to consider them for our internship program. With us, for just a few hours a week, they can gain valuable experience and earn credits in return to help us grow.

Interested students should email and be prepared to complete a short application form and have it signed by their parent or legal guardian.

SPOA Announces 2022 National School Photography Contest Finalists Mon, 23 May 2022 22:09:00 +0000

2022 National Photography Competition Finalists – Autumn Portraits

Best School Photographer, School Photos, Sports Photos, Team Photos, Senior Portraits

2022 National Photography Contest – National Finalists – Sports Teams

School photos, best school photographs, best school photographers, SPOA

2022 National Photography Competition – National Finalists – Fall Portraits

School Photographers of America announces the finalists for the school photography contest representing the best school photography in the nation.

GREENSBORO, North Carolina, USA, May 23, 2022 / — School Photographers of America (SPOA) has announced the finalists for the inaugural 2022 National School Photography Contest. The grand champions in each category will be announced on the 10 June in Houston, Texas at the International Conference on School Photography and Yearbooks to be held at the Westin Galleria. The competition highlights the best in school photography, from traditional class portraits and graduation photos to dynamic sports photography and creative senior portraits.

“The national competition promotes healthy competition while raising the level of photographic quality across the country in many areas of school photography, said David Crandall, Executive Director, SPOA. “From kindergarten through high school, school photography is one of America’s rich traditions. This year, we are thrilled to announce the finalists in each category.

School Photographers of America will honor the finalists, schools and students in each category – as well as the grand champion with a prized trophy – at a formal dinner and awards ceremony on Friday, June 10 at the Westin Ballroom Gallery. Photographers from all over the United States entered this contest.

The finalists are:

Preschool – Autumn Portrait
• Pictures of the school
• Pictures of the school

Preschool – Graduation
• Anne Hull – Targeted school photography
• Chastity Mata – Photo Texas Photography

Underclass – Autumn Portraits
• Anne Hull – Targeted school photography
• Sarah Ries – Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co.
• Ryan Ponte – Made the Grade Photography (two selected entries)
• Emily Pitsch – GPI – Geskus Photography

Subclass – Spring Portraits
• Jessica Fulgium – Targeted school photography
• Kym James – Focused School Photography
• Chastity Mata – Photo Texas Photography

Class Groups – Traditional
• Jenny Brown – Strawbridge Studios
• Miranda Grubbs – Strawbridge Studios
• Isaac Ulrey – Strawbridge Studios

School Staff Groups
• Peter Kramer – GPI – Geskus Photography
• Robert Settle – Leonard’s

School Sports – Individual
• Rene Davila – Strawbridge Studios
• Morgan Graham – Strawbridge Studios
• Alissa Harmon – Leonard’s
• Peter Muhly – Leonard’s
• Emily Walsh – GPI – Geskus Photography

School Sports – Team – Traditional
• Jen Adamo – Strawbridge Studios (two entries selected)
• Jefferson Carrol – Photo Texas Photography
• Dylan Robbins – Strawbridge Studios
• Alyssa Tranbarger – Cady Studios

School Sports – Team – Creative
• Korin Janes – Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co.
• Peter Muhly – Leonard’s
• Demarius Pearson – Cady Studios
• Morgan Prize – Cady Studios
• Reeyon Rouse – Cady Studios

Panoramic Large Group
• Darrell Thomas – Cady Studios
• Peter Muhly – Leonard’s

cap and dress
• Black Adhamh – GPI – Geskus Photography
• Portia Harrelson – Focused School Photography
• Anne Hull – Targeted school photography
• Eric Patrie – Upstate Images
• Sarah Rusnak – Photo Texas Photography

• Korin Janes – Interstate Studios
• Chastity Mata – Photo Texas Photography

Seniors – Formal Portrait
• Kym James – Focused School Photography
• Eric Patrie – Upstate Images
• Tracy Sanders – Strawbridge Studios (two entries selected)
• Jack Upton – Strawbridge Studios

Seniors – Casual
• Corey Cameron – Cady Studios
• Francisco Bililoni – Cady Studios
• Alissa Harmon – Leonard’s
• Tyrone Summers – Strawbridge Studios
• Eric Patrie – Upstate Images

Seniors – Lifestyle/Environment
• Alissa Harmon – Leonard’s
• Jerry Alexander – Leonard’s
• Peter Muhly – Leonard’s (three entries selected)

Seniors – Creative/Open
• Joy Horton– Cady Studios
• Alissa Harmon – Leonard’s (two entries selected)
• Eric Patrie – Upstate Images
• Victoria Rust – Cady Studios

School buildings
• Peter Muhly – Leonard’s

Photographer – Creative/Open
• Robert Consiglio – Leonard’s
• Alissa Harmon – Leonard’s
• Robert Settle – Leonard’s
• Bernirki Stradford – Strawbridge Studios
• Madeline Thornton – Strawbridge Studios

The competition featured two rounds of online judging. The final round was represented by a retired school photographer with over 30 years of experience as a judge and is a Certified Master Photographer as well as a Sony Artisan Photographer, as well as a School District and Education Official. state education.

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Napoli’s Osimhen and Barcelona’s Oshoala are the nominees for the Ballers Awards Sat, 21 May 2022 20:06:06 +0000

Napoli striker Victor Osimhen is among the nominees for the 2021 Ballers Awards.

In a plush unveiling ceremony held on Friday evening, the Super Eagle will compete for honors in four categories, namely: Fan Favorite Baller, Striker of the Year, Baller of the Year, while his effort against Lesotho will compete for the Super Eagles Goal of the Year.

Thanks to her impressive outing for Barcelona – a side she helped win the Spanish league title and return home with the top scorer gong, Oshoala faces a tall order with Rasheedat Ajibade of the Atletico Madrid, Chiamake Nnadozie, Uchenna Kanu and Christy Uchebe in the quest to be named ballerina of the year.

Oshoala also has to negotiate his way past Watford’s William Troost-Ekong, Saudi-based Odion Ighalo and Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa for the Humanitarian of the Year award.

Calvin Bassey’s impressive form for Scottish Premiership side Rangers has not gone unnoticed as he will compete against Anayo Iwuala, Monday Gift, Raphael Onyedika and Abraham Marcus in the Newcomer of the Year category.

“We are going to see the biggest football awards show in Nigeria. We are bringing in some innovations, we are expanding it to more categories, the event itself is going to be bigger, the publicity is going to be a lot bigger, said the organizer of the event, Gbenga Salu. Complete sports.

“We are also talking in conjunction with some foreign media to make sure that even the players who are nominated enjoy the joy of being nominated by their clubs, the media and all that. So I think people should expect the biggest award show in Nigeria.”

This year’s edition is expected to be seen by over 500,000 people on Nigeria’s major television channels.


Revelation of the year
Anayo Iwuala
Calvin Bassey
Monday gift
Raphael Onyedika
Abraham Marcus

Fan favorite baller
Victor Osimhen
Asisat Oshoala
Kelechi Iheanacho
Ola Aina
Maduka Okoye
Joe Aribo
Ahmad Musa

Goalkeeper of the Year
Maduka Okoye
Adebayo Adeleye
Francois Uzoho
Adewale Adeyinka

Defender of the Year
Leon Balogun
William Troost-Ekong
Zaidu Sanusi
Olisa Ndah

Midfielder of the Year
Joe Aribo
Wilfred Ndidi
Frank Onyeka
Bonnké Innocent

striker of the year
Victor Osimhen
Anthony Nwakaeme
Paul Onuachu
Kelechi Iheanacho
Sadiq Omar

Baller of the Year – Male
Paul Onuachu
Joe Aribo
Victor Osimhen
Kelechi Iheanacho

Baller of the Year – Female
Rasheedat Ajibade
Asisat Oshoala
Chiamaka Nnadozie
Uchenna Kanu
Christy Ucheibe

Humanitarian of the Year
Asisat Oshoala
William Troost-Ekong
Odion Ighalo
Ahmad Musa

Most Promising Baller
Afolabi Yusuf
Adewale Oluwatobi
Monday gift
Ajani Wahid
Afolabi Timothy
Ibrahim Bala

Coach of the year
Kennedy Boboye
Diepreye Telbowei
Fatai Osho
Gernot Rohr

Super Eagles Goal of the Year

Iheanacho vs Liberia (Second goal)
Onuachu v Lesotho
Osimhen vs Lesoho
Leon Balogun vs Central African Republic

Top Local Player
Silas Nwankwo
Adeleke Adekunle
Olisa Ndah
Charles Atshimene
Anayo Iwuala

Best TV/Vlog

Jimmie Akinsola (Supersports)
Brenda Shima (AIT)
Retrospective podcast
Kenny Ogunmiloro (BCOS TV)

Best Print/Online

Ikenwa Nnabuogor (Score Nigeria)
Shina Oludare (GOAL.COM)
Omoniyi Feranmi (Premium Times)
Ojora Babatunde (OJB Sports)

Best Sports Photography

Ayodele Ibidapo
Victor Modo
Justina Aniefiok
Christopher Onah