Fashion Photography – LW Larsen Photo Fri, 10 Jun 2022 10:56:49 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Fashion Photography – LW Larsen Photo 32 32 Scottish creative industries will benefit from boosted digital skills Fri, 10 Jun 2022 10:56:49 +0000

A new training program has been launched to teach digital skills to professionals in Scottish creative industries.

The next level! Ironworks Venue’s project will cover topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, and metasphere. The areas will be covered by global specialists from leading universities, consultancies and technology companies.

Delivered over four weeks, the digital skills course is open to all of the Scottish Government’s definition of creative industries.

This concerns all sectors, including visual and performing arts, cultural education, crafts, textiles, fashion, photography, music, writing and publishing, advertising, libraries, archives, antiquities, architecture, design, film and video, television and radio, software and electronic publishing, and computer games.

The program is open to individual practitioners, freelancers, and representatives of SMEs, large corporations, community groups, and organizations. Open to applicants based across Scotland, The Next LevelUp! will allow participants to change their way of thinking and explore how digital and agile approaches can transform their creative business and ensure that it is “fit for the future”.

Alex Smith, Head of Project Management for LevelUp and Ironworks, said: “By being exposed to examples and being challenged by those at the forefront of the digital model, not only will attendees make their more elegant, efficient and flexible operations, but they will also develop the thought processes, mental models and skills relevant to the next level of digital opportunity.

Coming after the successful delivery of the first LevelUp! program earlier this year, The Next LevelUp! is supported by the Creative Digital Initiative (CDI).

The CDI program has been developed through a partnership between Scottish Enterprise Agencies (Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise, South of Scotland Enterprise, Business Gateway), Skills Development Scotland, Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government.


Transformational free training program explores next-level digital strategy through a bespoke program of training, mentorship, masterclasses and unique insights from a range of leading international professionals from across the arena digital.

The course is tailor-made to develop a broader understanding of the most challenging areas of the digital landscape and enable participants to gain a practical understanding of the opportunities this presents for their business or practice.

Starting Monday, June 20, classes will require a commitment of four hours per week and will be delivered in two weekly sessions. The program is produced as a highly immersive, fully online experience to allow maximum flexibility around participants’ existing commitments.

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SELF 07 by Saint Laurent showcases the work of six world-class photographers in six world-class public spaces Thu, 09 Jun 2022 19:51:05 +0000

Fashion and photography have long gone hand in hand as creative partners. Saint Laurent agrees. For the upcoming seventh installment of the fashion house’s SELF series, creative director Anthony Vaccarello enlisted six international Magnum-affiliated photographers to produce six distinct images that simultaneously showcase individuality, self-expression and the Saint Laurent attitude to generate societal comments. From June 9 to 12, works by Olivia Arthur, Birdhead, Harry Gruyaert, Takashi Homma, Daesung Lee and Alex Webb will be presented in outdoor exhibitions in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Seoul and digitally in Shanghai, places to which the respective photographer has a strong connection. The SELF art series was launched to celebrate the artists, photographers and filmmakers who embody the Saint Laurent spirit. This year’s edition will also spark conversations about the impact of each work and the legacy of its creator.

Housed in a bespoke structure, each SELF 07 work aims to seduce, educate and offer insight into the intimate creative world of its photographer. In New York, an exhibition by photographer Magnum Webb will use layers of light and movement to capture the streets of three culturally rich neighborhoods in downtown Los Angeles: the Pinata, Fashion and Flower districts. Held at Madison Square Park, the show will be open and accessible to all passers-by in the popular Live Work District. Meanwhile, Magnum Homma’s guest photographer’s exhibition in Tokyo will use the camera obscura technique to demonstrate the dynamic between fashion and the city, from Miyashita’s leafy rooftop park. In London, at Southbank’s Observation Point, photographer Magnum Arthur’s exhibition ‘So not so’ uses natural and unnatural forms to represent the physical world and the importance of touch while at Seoul’s Namsan Tower, the guest photographer Magnum Lee uses his exhibit to explore the inner self in conjunction with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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President Buhari visits UNWTO headquarters in Madrid Tue, 07 Jun 2022 14:22:38 +0000

President Muhammadu Buhari paid a courtesy visit to the headquarters of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Madrid, Spain.

His visit was part of the activities marking an official state visit to the Kingdom of Spain.

At a reception held in his honor at the headquarters of the United Nations Tourism Agency, Zurab Pololikashvili, UNWTO Secretary-General, said it was a great honor to receive the Head of State of the most great country in Africa.

Addressing the gathering, Pololikashvili said, “Nigeria is a key Member State of UNWTO and a founding member of the organization since 1975. And I would like to commend you, Mr. President, for your outstanding support as the first Member State to sign the instrument of ratification of the UNWTO Framework Convention on Tourism Ethics 2020”.

Nigeria is also an economic giant and has been at the forefront of innovation, technology and development in Africa.

The UN Tourism scribe believes that Nigeria can realize its unique potential to be more competitive and a key destination in Africa and can reap the full benefits of the tourism sector.

He added that Nigeria’s commitment to the work and program of UNWTO is highly appreciated and that the first global event to link tourism, culture and creative arts to be held in Lagos in November is a testament to the support that the West African nation has demonstrated towards the development of tourism in Africa.

Also Read: Nigeria to Host Global Tourism and Creative Industry Conference in November

Addressing the august gathering at UNWTO Headquarters, President Muhammed Buhari said, “The right to host which was recently granted to Nigeria for the first ever World Conference on Tourism, Culture and creative industry is another affirmation of the great trust placed in our country by your organization.The event provides a new opportunity for Nigeria to market its tourism and creative assets to the international community.

The Nigerian President assured the UNWTO leadership that “Nigeria is ready to host a world-class conference in November, and we assure all participants from inside and outside the country of a safe and secure and adequate facilities”. We look forward to welcoming all participants to Nigeria.

“President Buhari further disclosed that the global conference will also serve as a vehicle to showcase Nigeria’s famous hospitality and warmth, to highlight the country’s profile as a leisure and business destination and to ‘identify investment opportunities, particularly in the sector’. The event will also strengthen the already cordial bilateral relations between Nigeria and UNWTO.

The Nigerian President took the opportunity to thank the organization for awarding Nigeria 100 UNWTO Tourism Online Academy Scholarships for awarding the Certificate on “Introduction to Tourism”. tourism industry management.

”I am reliably informed that the scholarship was awarded in recognition of Nigeria’s efforts to empower young people and stimulate quality education in tourism. There is no doubt that this award will help fill the labor gap in our tourism sector. I look forward to a stronger and more mutually rewarding relationship between Nigeria and UNWTO in the years to come,” President Buhari said.

One of the highlights of the courtesy visit was the unveiling of a plaque by the visiting Head of State at the headquarters.

Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Culture and Information, who accompanied the President to Madrid, said Nigeria plans to leverage the global conference to showcase the best of Nigeria.

“We plan to leverage the conference to showcase what makes Nigeria tick in the areas of culture, tourism, music, film, food, fashion, photography, etc., and why Nigeria has become a world leader in music and film, in particular.

“The President’s visit to UNWTO Headquarters today has greatly boosted our efforts to organize a successful conference in November, and we thank the President for taking the time to visit us” , he concluded.

The Queen more popular than any political leader in the Republic of Ireland, according to a poll Sun, 05 Jun 2022 08:32:00 +0000

The Queen is more popular than any political leader in the Republic of Ireland, including Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald.

According to a Sunday Independent/Ireland Thinks opinion poll, the Irish public ranks the monarch celebrating the Platinum Jubilee with greater approval than Taoiseach Micheal Martin (44%) and Tanaiste Leo Varadkar (38%).

With an approval rating of 50%, respondents also consider her more popular than Eamon Ryan (21%), the leader of the Green Party and Ms McDonald (45%), the president of Sinn Fein.

The poll comes as people across the UK enter the final day of Jubilee celebrations, with a colorful street show planned in London and hundreds of local parties across the country.

Sunday’s events include a number of Big Lunch parties across Northern Ireland, with Belfast City Hall set to be lit up purple to mark the royal milestone.

Although he fell below the Queen in the poll, the majority of those polled believe Sinn Fein’s chairman will be Taoiseach after the next Republic election.

Sinn Fein is also well ahead of all other southern parties at 35% – the party having gained a point since last month.

The Queen’s popularity comes as thousands of people across Northern Ireland took part in events and street parties on Saturday to celebrate her 70-year reign.

The festivities included a visit to Belfast by the Earl and Countess of Wessex, who met with performing groups, including a street band.

They also heard stories about the city’s diverse communities over the past 70 years, which were explored through fashion, photography, music and dance.

The royal couple then proceeded to their second engagement of the day, heading to the newly crowned town of Bangor for a seaside vintage funfair.

3 Must-Have Tips for Capturing Beautiful Seascapes Fri, 03 Jun 2022 21:01:25 +0000

In the last six weeks I have photographed more sunsets than I can count along the coast. As someone who primarily shoots on land, I had a lot to learn about shooting at sea and I’ve put together some of the most important lessons I learned for your next seascape location.

Whether you’re new to the hobby or a passionate professional, there are always things to learn and I couldn’t have been more excited to venture into new territory. I’ve shot a few marines over the years, but they’ve been rare. Living in my SUV and having the freedom to literally sleep on the coast gave me a crash course in new photography territory for me. Some of the lessons were simple, while others were definitely a bit eye-opening, including falling in the water, but luckily I was just getting soaked and not my gear.

In this part of the series, I’ll cover opening up your world to new shots without getting too wet, answering the importance of weather forecasts along the coast, and finally lessons for planning compositions with coins. mobiles.

Get in the water!

We’ll start with the tip that will give you the best ratio of better images to less effort. While there are plenty of places where you won’t even find yourself near water, the times you do, you’ll want to be able to get into the water. I spent a lot of time without being able to comfortably enter the water. In a pinch, you can roll up your pants and go barefoot, but I wouldn’t recommend it for regular water visits. Sometimes all I walk through is not soft sand. Or in a place like Iceland, the water can be unbearably cold and you can’t stay in the water for very long.

Flip flops or sandals aren’t great either, as you’ll end up losing them in the tide and they don’t solve the temperature problem. Boots are a good place to start, but I decided to go all out and bought some chest-high waders. Although I don’t win any fashion contests, I’m not as worried about getting wet. This was crucial for me because I don’t have the freedom to go back to a house or a hotel and dry off. The ability to put on waders over what I would normally wear, get in the water, and then get back to my vehicle at dusk. Being completely dry after taking them off was a game changer. It allowed me to get in the water every night without a second thought or worry about getting wet.

Regardless of which you choose is best for your situation, being able to comfortably enter the water for long periods of time will make you feel like a different photographer. Seriously, I would compare it to only owning a telephoto lens and adding a wide-angle lens to your kit. Entering the water will open many other unique compositions. I spent too much time running away from waves and water in other places which caused more stress than necessary. The first time you walk in the water without worrying about the cold and wet, it will change your enjoyment and perspective of seascapes. If you end up in the water, you will need to be more careful depending on the ocean conditions.

Predict weather and surf conditions

As a landscape photographer, I have a potentially controversial opinion that weather forecasting carries very little weight when it comes to getting good results. There’s a time and place to assess conditions like fog, cloud inversions, and clear skies for astrophotography, of course. I also recognize that I am blessed with the ability to stay in one area until I get the conditions I want. The majority of people (including me not too long ago) should try to plan for preferable weather conditions, especially when planning weekend trips. I can say with confidence that trying to use weather forecasts along the coast is a waste of time for the most part.

The image above was taken on an absolutely miserable day of overcast skies and rain. I remember paying to park and thinking there was absolutely no way to see a sunset that night, let alone capture anything worthwhile. I was definitely wrong and captured some of the most intense natural colors I have ever seen in photography. That was over four years ago.

Days where it rained all day gave me some of the best conditions I could have hoped for, while seemingly ideal weather conditions kept me from pulling my camera out of the bag. One of the biggest culprits you’ll find along the coast is the sea layer, which killed off a good chunk of the sunsets I tried to capture. In my experience, days with rain that cleared a lot of particles in the atmosphere while providing cloud cover usually had excellent conditions as long as the rain cleared enough during the golden hour. My ultimate advice is just to be there, whatever the conditions.

There are conditions you should always check if you are going to be near water and that is tide, swell and swell period. The tide indicates when the sea will be highest and lowest relative to the land you are standing on. The swell indicates the height of these waves on average. The swell period is the time between the waves. It is important to know that the longer the swell period, the more powerful the waves will be. So a 5 foot swell at an 8 second interval is not the same as a 5 foot swell at 15 seconds. To track this, I highly recommend the very popular Windy app. It tells you everything you could want to know about weather, surf and wind. Also, it has forecast and model data from many sources. Magicseaweed is an excellent application dedicated to tide, swell and surf data. This will overlap Windy, but it’s always good to have multiple apps in case something goes wrong with one of them.

Predict compositions

Unlike many other areas of landscape photography, some seascapes require you to plan ahead and imagine what an image might be like if everything lines up perfectly. It’s not like planning something like a Milky Way map or aligning certain elements, because you can predict those conditions very accurately with modern technology. When it comes to waves and their interactions on shore, there’s no telling you exactly where they’ll be, whether they’ll be interesting enough, or even whether they’ll work in the composition you’re trying to capture.

I could write endlessly about the different comps you can find along the coast, but for that I’m going to focus specifically on practice and learning how to find shots that aren’t quite there until let the right moment happen. Take the moment above, for example. There are a lot of great elements that we look for as landscape photographers: color in the atmosphere, a decent amount of sunlight, foreground elements to help the viewer through the image, nice reflections colorful on the wet rock surfaces, and we even got a little movement in the waves. Even with all that, it’s sorely lacking in emotion. A boring moment in a beautiful scene. But that’s what you’d see when walking along the coastline, just a few rocks hit by the waves. You could easily go through this area without a second thought.

However, if you pause and take a few minutes to soak in your surroundings, you might notice this composition come to life in all the right waves (I love puns). Those crashing tides on the lower rock add a choppy moment, and if the swell gets just big enough, they add so much energy to that empty part of the frame. You are now capturing a moving moment in a beautiful scene, which makes the photo much more interesting. It’s something that will never happen the same way again, and that’s what’s absolutely beautiful about seascapes. They’re constantly changing, which means you can go back to a place you’ve photographed 100 times and get something new.

What that means for your first, tenth, or even thousandth time taking seascapes is to slow down. Visit places where the light isn’t great and see how the tide interacts with your location. Start looking at spots for what their potential might be rather than what they are at any given time.

We’ll talk about that in part two of this series, where I’m visiting the same place for almost a week trying to capture the same image I have in my head and I just can’t get the conditions I’m looking for. I need. We’ll also cover how to slow down your shutter speed so you can capture all those beautiful moments in a much more interesting way, and cover any accessories or other handy you’ll need when shooting along the coast.

Tourism New Zealand launches latest Aotearoa Country Special (Part Two) campaign – Travel Weekly Tue, 31 May 2022 02:06:03 +0000

Tourism New Zealand has partnered with Exceptional ALIEN to produce their latest advertising campaign, Aotearoa Country Special (Part Two).

The project aims to showcase New Zealand through the lens of its creators, inspiring people to live their inspiring stories as borders and travel reopen.

Launched yesterday, the Aotearoa Country Special (Part Two) shares the travel experiences of five New Zealand designers, including fashion designer Kiri Nathan, contemporary artist Sofia Minson, Fat Freddy’s Drop frontman Dallas Tamaira, skier acrobatic Olympic gold medalist Nico Porteous and sustainable fashion. designer Maggie Hewitt.

The destinations explored in Part 2 of the series span both the North Island and the South Island, including the regions of Auckland, Bay of Plenty, East Cape, Wānaka , Wellington and the Bay of Islands.

This partnership aims to showcase what Aotearoa has to offer by inviting exploration in the spirit of Manaakitanga – a traditional Maori value encompassing hospitality and respect for one another in an individual or group. ‘other.

The features will be based on the recently launched Exceptional ALIEN platform, which was co-founded by Justin Drape and Michael Canning.

This series focuses on the mix between creativity and travel, and how it is seen all over the world.

“Creativity informs the most rewarding experiences travel has to offer – whether it’s food, wine, fashion, photography, design and entertainment – but so far there’s been no is no single platform that curates travel through a creative lens,” Exceptional ALIEN co-founder Justin Drape said.

“There are business travel, budget travel, budget travel, luxury travel, and adventure travel. We organize creative trips.

“With our Aotearoa Country Special, people can learn more about New Zealand through the personal stories, insights and recommendations of featured creators. And creators know who, where and what is culturally interesting and relevant.

“We are grateful to share their inspiring stories and are delighted that Tourism New Zealand has recognized Exceptional ALIEN as a forward-looking way to share and experience travel.”

Outstanding ALIEN Co-Founder Michael Canning added, “As travel reopens around the world, we are seeing a new wave of travelers seeking experiences that are both creative and culturally enriching.

Outstanding ALIEN co-founders Justin Drape (left) and Micheal Canning (right).

“We are delighted that our partnership with Tourism New Zealand and our continued collaboration with the creative community can celebrate Aotearoa through this creative lens in a way that is actionable for travellers.

The Aotearoa Country Special (Part 2) is a curated set of editorial features, social audio and video travel guides, including the creators’ travel history, cultural information about New Zealand and recommendations for you to explore – same.

6 of the Best Asian American Photographers in 2022 Sat, 28 May 2022 11:40:50 +0000

If you’re a regular at The Phoblographer, you’ll know we’ve shed some extra light on the Asian American photographers we love this month. From the powerful work of Michelle Watt to the cutting-edge creativity of Andrew Kung, we’ve had nothing but fun sharing high-quality photographic stories with our readers. Every weekend we’ve brought you someone new, and in this piece we’re going to bring them all together and share our favorite photographers of the Asian American month 2022.

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Cameras used by some of the best Asian American photographers

For gear gurus, please enjoy a roundup of the gear used by photographers in this room. Some of them will include links so you can buy the cameras you like. If you do, The Phoblographer gets a little cookie crumble, which helps us keep doing what we do best.

Therese Hoang

Vietnamese American photographer Teresa Hoang creates beautiful images of people within her community. “…I tend to think they’re part of my life already,” Hoang says of his subjects in a recent interview with The Phoblographer. We love Hoang’s work because she mixes portraits with candid frames, filling her portfolio with a compelling mix of imagery. Still a student, there is no doubt in our minds that Hoang has a bright future ahead of her. Read the interview here.

Andrew Kung

Andrew Kung’s work is fresh and full of creative flavors. It’s gentle yet edgy, and it calms us to the point that we feel in an optimal Zen state. When asked where his inspiration came from, he told us, “If you look at any of my mood or inspiration boards, I refer to films by Wong Kar Wai, Edward Yang, to 1900s fashion photography and even contemporary documentary photography. There is definitely a lot of influence. However, he managed to find his unique voice and developed a style that is uniquely his. Take a look at the interview here.

Sandeep’s MV

It’s been a tough few years since the pandemic hit. Although we have come a long way since the early days of lockdown, there is still a lot of work to do and many voices to hear. Sandeep MV, a photographer hospitalized due to COVID-19, decided to put his photographic energy into a mask-focused project. “As someone who has suffered both mentally and physically, I know how important prevention is rather than cure. I can say this – ‘Today I feel naked without wearing a mask,’ wrote MV This is a tough series that is sure to be polarizing Read our interview here.

michelle watt

Michelle Watt shows incredible attention to detail in her image creation. Not one to take the easy route, Watt spends a lot of time making sure his scenes are crafted to perfection before he starts making frames. Beyond his level of detail, Watt dives deep into his mind to develop his ideas. “I think my conceptual frameworks usually come from something very personal, like elaborating on past trauma,” she told The Phoblographer. His impressive portraits have been featured in magazines like TIME and Vogue; it’s no surprise why. You can read our interview here.

Zayira Ray

Zayira Ray has a job that most seasoned pros would be proud to have. She is a portrait photographer on paper, but she does not create standard portraits. Instead, she creates images rich in unity and tender, empathetic closeness. Through her work, Ray hopes to break down the traditional barriers that have kept Asian women in positions of struggle and hardship. She said of it, “I think part of our liberation as Asian women and women of color is to carve out space and time to just rest. To treat, to feed ourselves and our communities, to imagine a future for ourselves that we want – whatever that may look like” You can read our interview here.

Kennetha Brown

Kennetha Brown is a 22-year-old Cambodian-American photographer based in Providence. Her photographs explore the complex lives of others in her community. “Photographs of your community inspire unity, Brown wrote in her recent post. And she is right because when we look at her photographs we see a strong sense of unity, something that only a person with her talents can achieve. You can read our interview here.

Next month

We’re sure you enjoyed this roundup of the best Asian American photographers in 2022. Next month, The Phoblographer will focus on the LGBTQAI+ community by bringing you the best self-identifying photographers. Thanks for reading.

Principal photo by Michelle Watt. All images used with permission.

]]> Hung La’s LỰU ĐẠN is a fashion brand inspired by 90s Asian gangster culture Thu, 26 May 2022 16:56:08 +0000

Growing up in traditional homes, Asian American children basically have three career options: lawyer, doctor or engineer. But Hung La strayed from the path of the ideal Asian child and blazed his own trail. The London-based designer worked under Nicolas Ghèsquiere at Balenciaga and Phoebe Philo at Céline before co-founding avant-garde womenswear brand Kwaidan Editions with his 18-year-old wife. Now, La is going solo by expanding into menswear with LỰU ĐẠN, which loosely means “dangerous man” in Vietnamese.

“Lockdown, when Stop Asian Hate and George Floyd were really on our minds, was a catalyst for me to re-examine my own journey,” he says. “Growing up in the 80s in Rockville, Maryland, I rejected all of my culture.” Even working as a designer at major fashion houses, La felt like he wasn’t using his voice to connect and speak to his community until now. Her new label LỰU ĐẠN, launched in January 2022, is the product of La’s significant reconnection with her roots.

Above all, the brand is rooted in the shared experiences of Asian men. Equally important are the clothes — snake-print silk pajamas, ’70s-inspired suits, and wide-collared dress shirts — and storytelling. “There is an underrepresentation of Asian men in fashion, so I want to shine a light on those stories, adds La.

That’s why it’s introducing City Tours, a new community-building initiative showcasing local talent in cities around the world in the form of gritty imagery paired with serious panel discussions that live on the brand’s site. . New York City kicks off with Bowen Goh of Brooklyn nightclub Mood Ring and Jae Kim, a photographer and motorcycle enthusiast, photographed by Danny Lim.

“While there is a common history among Asian people, LỰU ĐẠN gives voice to nuanced stories from different cities with their own unique flavor,” says La. “New York is about a mindset of non-conformity, and it’s a good starting point to talk about ‘East meets West’.”

Jae Kim posing on a motorbike in front of a chain link fence
bowen goh wearing lu'u dan standing in front of a floral tree in brooklyn

Both Goh and Kim lived between Asia and New York and grew up in traditional homes. “A lot of first-generation Asian Americans have a conflict between Western values ​​and the values ​​that our parents brought,” La explains. “We’re told to be a good Asian kid, but Jae and Bowen chart their own path in terms of identity and career; they are iconoclasts. LỰU ĐẠN speaks to these “Asian bad boys who own their identity”, and the larger ambition of City Tours is to show the many intricacies and untold stories about what it means to be an Asian man today.

The visual DNA of the brand shamelessly takes up the codes of yakuza culture and Asian gangsters. When La was younger, he revered the images of 90s movies and Hong Kong triad crime dramas like Sonatina and young and dangerousas well as 2001 slasher Ichi the killer. It is not necessarily violence that Her tolerates, but rather force. “What’s engaging about LỰU ĐẠN is that our images show these tattooed, hard-shelled exterior types that are also modern,” La says. “They talk about vulnerable and difficult subjects; they are sensitive and have stories to tell beyond what people see them on the street.

Jae Kim walking through a garage past tools and a sign pointing to heaven

The footage is both intimate and raw, accompanied by interviews hosted by La. The New York trio discuss individuality, Asian masculinity, vulnerability, creating space for conversation and the how the brand fits into all of this.

It’s a similar story for many immigrant children, bearing the brunt of parents who struggled to survive in a white supremacist society while struggling with their own issues of personal fulfillment rather than assimilation. “I wouldn’t see my story in [Western] media, and there would be no representation for people like me,” Kim told La. “I said, ‘Fuck it. I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing, and hopefully something will catch on. Projects like this prepare and pave the way.

“We can actually be cool in our own unique way,” Goh adds. “We don’t have to respond to other people’s cultures. It’s just how we are and what we look like, and that’s cool in itself.

bowen goh showing off his tattoos and posing in front of the mood ring sign
Bowen Goh posing in a red suit at the Mood Ring in Brooklyn

The plans to take City Tours to places like Manila, Chengdu and Taipei – “creativity goldmines” – in the future. He hopes to connect men in every city and give them space to have conversations they may not be actively having within their own communities.

While La may not have all the answers about what community and representation mean or where the conversation is going, he is comfortable with uncertainty. He knows that what emerges from this cultural calculation today is sensitivity, emotionality and vulnerability. “We can talk more about our struggles and challenges,” La says. “It’s not about running away from those difficult emotions. It’s about welcoming them. »

City Tours is now online on the LỰU ĐẠN website. Read the full interview with Hung La, Bowen Goh and Jae Kim here.

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Courtesy of LỰU ĐẠN photographed by Danny Lim

Art Rotterdam: The Ravestijn Amsterdam Gallery Tue, 24 May 2022 01:57:32 +0000

The famous Amsterdam gallery Ravestijn presents five projects with famous fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh van Lamsweerde Matadin, as well as four projects oscillating between plastic arts and photography.

Inez van LAMSWEERDE 1963 & Vinoodh MATADIN 1961 Netherlands

The photography duo Inez & Vinoodh, are known for their fearless and adventurous photography that oscillates fluidly between art and haute couture. The Dutch artists, based in New York, are partners and collaborators whose practice oscillates between genres and media, pop culture, fashion and art.

The duo have been exploring and pushing the boundaries of fine art and fashion photography for over three decades. In the early 1990s they were at the forefront of using new developments in digital technology for photography, coupled with a bold aesthetic sensibility, the result was a signature style that would become a household name. worldwide: Inez & Vinoodh.

In their work, the artists do not seem to make an a priori distinction between fashion or art, but all of their work fits into their overall creative vision: images (or videos) seductive by their aesthetic perfection , which seduce the viewer, only to draw him into a world where a familiar narrative could be turned upside down, become provocative. In an interview, Inez & Vinoodh underline the powers at play in their images: “for us, there is always this sense of duality, there is always a tension between the beautiful and the grotesque, the spiritual and the banal, the high fashion and low fashion, the masculine and the female.”

Although always very polished, their images criticize social norms regarding gender and sexuality, undermining these conventions as well as the prejudices they engender. Often their images are printed larger than life, reinforcing their otherworldly character. The artists’ intervention of the collage technique transforms the famous star into an almost unrecognizable ethereal muse.

This mixture of techniques and their mastery of digital manipulation have had such an echo in photography, becoming ubiquitous to the point that one would almost forget how bold and avant-garde explorations of the duo of the frontiers of photography have been since. their early work.

Artists’ seemingly effortless movement between editorials, videos, exhibitions, breadboards and assemblage, is a rare thing indeed, and forms the foundation of the strength of the well-established Inez & Vinoodh brand. Additionally, they have created groundbreaking editorials for publications such as Vogue, V Magazine, Visionaire, The New York Times Magazine to name a few.

Michel LAMOLLER 1984 Germany

Michel Lamoller 1984 typically works with photography in a sculptural and experimental way. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg and is now a freelance artist. Some of the photographic sculptures serve as models for a photo that becomes the final work. He uses photography as a material to create multi-layered sculptures that are on the border between being an object and being an image. By alienating the original use of photography, Lamoller revisits representation mainly because he thus succeeds in revealing his ability to push the boundaries of the image, and he does so by being playful, conceptual, and at the same time provoking a sense of surprise and perplexity – back to the fundamentals of aesthetic experiences.

With his works, Lamoller creates interventions, often localized, in the exhibition space that go hand in hand with the imaginary act expected of the viewer. The boundaries of the image are stretched in different directions alluding to the aesthetic effect the viewer can experience from other media, for example, when encountering a sculpture, or even when engaged in an image moving. Lamoller experiments with new media to find new possibilities and opportunities, yet he clearly refers to the tradition of photography to document reality – just that his unique artistic process does not end with an image of reality but with objects that reintegrate the with the haptic world of things.

Nico KRIJNO 1981 South Africa

With a background in theater and experimental video, Nico Krijno (b. 1981, South Africa) works at the blurry intersection of photography, collage, painting, sculpture and performance. Probing everyone’s thresholds, his work materializes through a flow of unique and colorful abstractions that not only act as standalone works of art, but when viewed as a collection, the obsession and constant intrigue of Krijno in the perception of the photographs become decidedly obvious.

Often working with discarded materials found in his immediate environment, he interprets and reinvents them to find alternative structures for how meaning and matter are both constructed and perceived. Photographing these ephemeral structures, as he describes himself, is a private and physical performance, with the camera being the audience. Above all, photographing these theatrical scenes is only part of Krijno’s work. Using an array of digital tools, he then reinvents materials, colors and shapes countless times until our understanding of each photograph is constantly challenged, always failing to stand still.

Maurice SCHELTENS 1972 & Liesbeth ABBENES 1970 Netherlands

Maurice Scheltens (1972) and Liesbeth Abbenes (1970) are the sum of a still life photographer and the creative know-how of an artist. Technical perfection added to individual craftsmanship, strong pictorial clarity in addition to bespoke settings. They experiment with converting spatial dimensions into flat surfaces and explore the potential of photography to create illusion. The core of their work is their lab like studio where they construct their sets with a conceptualizing and solution-focused thinking attitude, whether they are editing or tackling commissioned or freelance art work.

Instead of presenting the objects as simple salable products, they manipulate them and often use them as basic elements for new compositions. The autonomous artistic quality of photography must always prevail. Scheltens & Abbenes deliberately choose to operate in both applied art and autonomous art and to use them as breeding grounds for each other. This approach has resulted in showing their projects in cultural institutions such as Galliera Musée de la Mode Paris, Foam Amsterdam, Huis Marseille Amsterdam, The Kunsthal in Rotterdam and The Art Institute of Chicago.

THEIS WENDT 1981 Denmark

A graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, visual artist Theis Wendt (b. 1981, DK) lives and works in Copenhagen. Using a wide range of materials – both organic and synthetic – Wendt’s creative process combines sculpture, installation and post-photography into illusory works that demand careful consideration from viewers. Here materials seem to imitate others, and faint impressions of nature are evoked through digital means. As with any image, at first glance things are rarely as they appear.

At the heart of Wendt’s practice are age-old questions of authenticity; his works affirm that our relationship to the world – and our understanding of reality – has been dramatically altered by a seismic shift in the tools with which we access it. The motif of the frame, or window, then becomes a recurring reminder of the suffocating structures through which we continue to think and see. But beyond the dystopian challenges we face, from ecological degradation to the relentless grip of capitalism, Wendt’s works retain a romantic quality, pointing to something else on the horizon – something better, maybe, if we can find the tools to imagine it.

Westerdok 824 – 1013 BV – Amsterdam – The Netherlands Telephone +31 20 530 6005 – e-mail [email protected] –

5 Asian American Photographers You’ll Love! Sun, 22 May 2022 04:04:57 +0000

Welcome to Asian American Heritage Month 2022. It’s that time of year when we put a little more focus on Asian Americans, further highlighting the incredible photography they create. We’ll share a mix of new and already featured photographers, ensuring your eyes are on the best work in the space. In this article, we highlight some of our favorite female photographers within the demographic.

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Xyza Cruz Bacani tells stories you’ll love

Georgia with her daughter Sharila and grandchildren Lexuz and Winter lying on the bed in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. July 18, 2017

Xyza Cruz Bacani was part of our Visual Momentum Series in which we have partnered with Fujifilm to share important stories from around the world. Bacani knows Hong Kong’s migrant population well and uses photography to connect with the community and share the stories of other migrants. Bacani exposes the harsh realities that many migrants endure every day in the region. However, while sharing their struggle, his exceptional photographic skills also shine a light on their humanity. It’s nice. The work has become a book,We are like the airand you can read more about full story here.

May Xiong is one of the greatest surrealist Asian American photographers

We first featured May Xiong’s work in 2014. We were glued to her concept photography and fascinated by how and why she created this type of work. From dead fish as props to smoke bombs and creative painting, the work produced by Xiong was fascinating. If you like working against the grain, you will surely appreciate the work done by this Asian American photographer. you can check it here.

Shanyn Fiske is one of the most inspiring Asian American photographers we’ve spoken to

Simply put, Shanyn Fiske is one of the most talented fashion photographers we’ve featured. The Phoblographer. His work is clean, well composed and borders on the conceptual. She fought to earn respect in the field of fashion photography. “I’m 45. I’m a petite Asian woman. I don’t fit the fashion photographer mold of this country by any means,” she said. The Phoblographer. She is proof that exceptional photography and thick skin still prevail as she is now enjoying success with her craft. Discover his work here.

Grace Chen Stands Out Among Asian American Women Photographers

Grace Chen has a great wanderlust, which encourages her to explore and document new lands with her camera. With 13 years of experience in photography, Chen has forged his photographic identity and creates images that speak to you about his personality. They are adventurous, risky, balanced: a lot like her. From starry skies to ancient architecture, Chen’s work includes a comprehensive portfolio of travel photography. And you can see more here.

Lanna Apisukh was featured in The New York Times

Far Rockaway, New York, May 2, 2021: Skateboarder Charlotte Tegen rests after a long day of skating and teaching a skate clinic with GrlSwirl NYC at Bayswater Skatepark.

Earlier this year, our junior photo editor, Feroz Khan, spoke with the very talented Lanna Apisukh. She is a photojournalist with a penchant for film photography, often using her analog cameras to take pictures. Once she lacked self-confidence, there was a time when Apisukh didn’t think she had the talent to become a photojournalist. However, she broke through her barriers, continued to document cultures and communities at an exceptionally high level, and finally found her calling. Among many commissions, Apisukh was featured in the New York Times, proving that she definitely belongs in the world of photojournalism. See his story here.

Who are your favourites?

The Phoblographer constantly seeks to showcase new photographs from the best space photographers. Since it’s Asian American Heritage Month, we’d love to hear about new photographers in this demographic. Which photographers do you like? Do you think you have work we should see? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Main image Grace Chen. All images used with permission.