Art Fair PH 2022 promises a ‘hybrid experience’ with AR and virtual exhibits

Save this date! This year, Art Fair Philippines opened its doors to the public to experience its exhibitors’ 10-day attraction and experience the art in real time for its first physical exhibition since 2020. The hybrid event will premiere on March 23. and will continue until April 1 at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati.

Art Fair Philippines 2022 is heading towards a hybrid experience that will take its audience to another level. With photo and film sections, interactive augmented reality, Metaverse with virtual exhibits, and many more.

The venue will host art consultant Norman Crisologo and exhibition designer Ed Lacson to showcase an art installation in the Ayala Tower One fountain area for the ArtfairPH/Projects section. ArtFairPH/ Projects is presented by the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

This year’s fair will host exhibitors from the Philippines and six international galleries that seek to provide a platform for artistic practices that go beyond established urban art hubs.

Several art groups from the three main island groups of the Philippines will also join the fair, where these exhibitors will have a section that will provide regional focus. The exhibitors are:

  • Ibagiw Art Fest x Gallery 2600 (Luzon)
  • VIVA ExCon ​​Dasun Bacolod x Orange Project (Visayas)
  • Langgikit x Museo De Oro x Art Portal Gallery (Mindanao)
  • Lawig-diwa x Gallery Down South (Mindanao)

The 2022 Art Fair will feature artists, including a special exhibition of works by the late Aro Soriano as well as renowned social realist Nune Alvarado. New commissions from international and emerging Filipino visual artists will also participate in the event.

As it promises a hybrid experience, Art Fair Philippines will have a physical exhibition of a photo section titled “Tattoos, Ternos, and Couture, A Celebration of Philippines Fashion Photography” curated by Neal Oshima, Michael Salientes, Mark Nicdao, and Gio Panlilio.

The cinema section will feature works by New York-based New Media artist Jeremy Couillard, which will include his film There’s no up or down, only attraction which explores creatures across galactic vistas, pixelated game maps, and streetscapes. ArtFairPH/Film is co-presented by Globe Platinum. The artists Spiral Fuzz series, which is a collection of three films based on his recent video game Dungeon Fuzz (2021), will also be presented. Coulliard’s works will transport viewers to a fantasy world and a new dimension of color and light.

Additionally, Art Fair Philippines will also feature an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) art trail. The digital-meets-physical show with artists Leeroy New and Eliza Victoria will take its audience on a journey through time and space where it questions the solidity of our relationship with reality and imagination in the face of the climate crisis.

This year’s exhibition allows attendees to join the Gallery Tour on March 23-24 to experience virtual tours of exhibitors. In recognition of contemporary art, the fair will have ArtFairPH/Talks, which includes discussions on art collecting and tips for artists, NFTs, and even a talk on the special photo exhibit.

The conference is in partnership with the Ateneo Art Gallery, the Museum Foundation of the Philippines and the Embassy of Spain.

Visit the Art Fair Philippines website for more information and to view the gallery’s exhibitions and schedule.

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