Art Center Sarasota welcomes photographer Barbara Banks as a board member

Carolyn Benedict-Drew, Chair of the Art Center Sarasota Board of Trustees, recently announced that the organization has welcomed renowned photographer Barbara Banks to its Board of Trustees.

“Barbara has long been an essential part of the artistic and cultural tapestry of Sarasota’s wealthy,” says Benedict-Drew. “Her commercial work appears regularly in regional magazines and her fine art photography has been exhibited both in the region and across the country. beloved of the Sarasota art world.”

Banks picked up her first camera as a child, documenting family activities and her world with black-and-white film. She was inspired by her parents, her high school art teacher, and many artists, including photographers Arbus, Cartier-Bresson, and Steichen. Banks acts on the curiosity of our world – tiny, expansive, intimate, breathtaking, gritty, illusory, provocative, impermanent. She explores our environment – human, natural, built. Although she focuses on editorial work and environmental portraiture, Banks is also highly sought after for her fashion and beauty photography.

Banks operates a commercial photography business in downtown Sarasota and is commissioned by clients in Florida and across the United States. His permanent installation, “WORKER”, was commissioned by the Sarasota Art Museum and is a site-specific installation of photographic portraits of the people who lent their talents to redoing the historic Sarasota High School building. The imagery celebrates a class of people who often remain invisible. “Worker” seeks to make the invisible visible, to put a face to the labor that led to the museum.

Filmmaker KT Curran called Banks a photographer blessed with “the astonishing and intuitive ability to enter into the very essence of his subject to capture breathtaking photos of depth and vision. His commercial and artistic work is unparalleled , and a Barbara Banks photograph will never cease to impress and amaze.”

Banks is currently represented by the State of the Arts Gallery, Sarasota. For more information, visit

“Barbara is an exceptional addition to our business,” said Kinsey Robb, Executive Director of ACS. “As a leader in the world of the arts, his invaluable perspective and commitment to the creative arts community will strengthen our movement forward and embolden our mission. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

The Art Center Sarasota Board of Trustees includes Carolyn Benedict-Drew, President; Michael J. Shelton, Vice President; Phil Baker, Treasurer; Howard Davis, secretary; and Barbara Banks, Ramsey Frangie and Ned Norris.

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