Aljazeera Media Institute launches specialized training courses in sports journalism

Doha: As a step towards successful media coverage of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Aljazeera Media Institute has launched a number of specialist sports journalism training courses as part of its program for the year 2022.

Eman Al Amri, director of the Aljazeera Media Institute, told The Peninsula that these courses include: sports analysis, sports commentary, sports reporting, sports photography, sports reporting and sports news monitoring workshop, among others. In an interview with The peninsulashe added, these courses and workshops are taught by experts from the Al Jazeera network and sports journalism specialists from around the world.

Al Amri said, “During the period from January to June this year, the Institute conducted 260 training courses, benefiting 2,724 trainees, including 973 Qatari trainees.”

Concerning the training courses offered by the institute since its launch in February 2004, and the number of beneficiaries, she declared: “Since its creation more than 18 years ago, the Institute has provided more than 5,800 training courses, of which more 66,671 trainees of different nationalities, ages and cultures participated.

As for the Qataris who have benefited from these courses, she noted that the number of Qatari trainees who have benefited from the courses of the Institute since its inception until today has reached more than 22,476 trainees,” she said. she said, addressing The peninsula.

The Institute has an e-learning platform which has reached more than 210,000 trainees, she said, adding that most of them have taken courses covering various disciplines related to the profession. of journalism, either in editing and writing, or related to presentation and vocal skills, or digital media.

Al Jazeera Media Institute was established in 2004 with the aim of developing the skills and talents of Al Jazeera staff, convinced of the need to keep up with the continuous development of media methods and technology, Al Amri said.

Later, with the accumulation of experience and expertise and the development of the Al Jazeera network, which became one of the most important media in the world, we had to transfer our pioneering experience to the rest of the journalists of Qatar and from Arab countries. world, she added.

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