Adorable conversation captured between a girl and her horse by a helmet camera

An adorable video of a girl talking to her horse has gone viral on TikTok. The sweet conversations were captured by the girls’ helmet camera and in the video you can hear her whisper words of encouragement to the horse.

TikTok users Rocket Plumbing and Drain (@rocketdrainpa) discovered the footage while watching their daughter’s helmet camera recording. In the caption on TikTok, the parents explained that they “didn’t know she was interacting with her horse like this.”

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In the TikTok video (above), which we first saw on, you can hear the girl (whose name is Kiera) giving the horse a pep talk about the jumps ahead. She said to the horse, “I know it’s a pheasant feeder so it looks a little weird, but it’s actually really very easy.” You just jumped on it, no problem ”. She then congratulates her horse by saying “Oh what a good pony, very sweet” as they head to the next obstacle.

Kiera’s encouraging speech is to tell the horse that the jumps are “pieces of cake.” She also tells the horse that she doesn’t want to be in a submarine because it’s too deep for her.

Kiera, who appears to be a fairly confident rider, takes the horse on various jumps, including a “laugh” jump which she explains is her. [the horse’s] favorite. In the second part of the video, you can hear him say, “I feel like a newbie beginner can do better than that” right before he takes a jump that is “like a roller-coaster thing”.

You can also hear Kiera affectionately calling her horse a “baby” when her reigns get tangled up. As they approach the number 13 jump, she tells the horse that “13 is actually quite easy, it’s just a simple hanging lock”.

Recently, helmet cameras have become popular devices for recording outdoor adventures as well as keeping safe on the road as a biker. But for all their practical uses, it’s those unexpected special moments captured between a girl and her horse that really do.

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