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Boudoir Photography Dallas

At By Lawrence Studios we have been specializing in Glamour, Boudoir, Pinup and Intimate Portraits since 1999. We practically wrote the book on glamour and boudoir photography! All other photographers use our work and style as a guide to classy, tasteful and sophisticated glamour, boudoir and pinup portraits.

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Boudoir art is as old as the paintbrush. Historically known as a private suite near the bedchamber of an elegant woman, the "boudoir" has been present in art, from paintings to boudoir photographs worldwide for ages. Evolving over the centuries with the "pin up" girls and into some of the more risqué images from the 1950s to the modern day.

By Lawrence Boudoir Photography, the place in Dallas for a private boudoir shoot. We offer modern updates of this iconic style by including poses from fashion, glamour, Pin Up and Boudoir to create the perfect session. Our mission is to celebrate your fundamental beauty and create an empowering experience for you. Leaving you feeling stunning, inside and out, then delivering gorgeous photographs finished in our Make me beautiful retouching style that will last a lifetime.

Dallas Boudoir photo shoot

Each session Dallas TX. is tailored to realize your wants and needs. Our clients have no age limit, preferred shape or size or "boudoir" style. Many of our clients present their boudoir photos as gifts - a simple way of, "Showing your Love." Whether you've been married for a few decades or want to celebrate your upcoming marriage. Other Dallas clients want to reignite the sensual side of their marriage, sometimes bringing in their partner for a couples boudoir shoot! Some come to celebrate a new found freedom. There are also the clients who come in "just for themselves". Not for a partner, not because of any life changing event, simply because they want to feel good about them selves.

Dallas Boudoir photo shoots are not only fun but can be frightening, in the best possible way. They can be just the boost that you did or didn't know you needed. A session in Dallas tends to be exactly what you wanted and then some; something every woman should do at least once, every woman wants to be sexy it’s the desire to look, feel and be sensual. the gift that keeps on giving.

Our distinctive approach provides an all-inclusive Dallas TX. boudoir photo shoot makeover, with hair and makeup artistry, pre-shoot wardrobe consultation, on-set touch ups, a professional boudoir photo shoot and so much more.


We look forward to seeing you very soon in Dallas!   Lots of love from all of us.


Glamour and Boudoir for any size woman

Curvy. Slender. Voluptuous.

We celebrate all body types and believe in beauty on an individual level. Regardless of your modeling experience, our boudoir photographers work with your unique figure and suggest poses that will flatter your form in a natural way. Images are retouched and airbrushed to ensure a magazine-quality result.

Please visit our Gallery to see examples of how we enhance the female figure using lighting, posing, and creativity.




Call today to speak with Lawrence personally 

(630) 303-9920

(630) 303-9920

Boudoir photography is an event where clients are pampered with professional hair and make-up and treated like celebrities for a few hours while they do their own personal covergirl shoot.

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Boudoir photography allows a client to kick-back and have some fun.

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Boudoir sessions can be scheduled in studio or in the comfort of your home (or on location if you’re feeling a little adventurous).

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Boudoir photography should be whatever you are comfortable with and a reflection of your unique personality.

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boudoir photography

boudoir photographer

Boudoir photography

(630) 303-9920 boudoir photographer
boudoir photography
boudoir photo shoot

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Luxurious Packages

boudoir photography

boudoir photographer
boudoir photography
boudoir photo shoot
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By Lawrence Boudoir Photography is owned and run by a very talented award winning photographer, boudoir photographer and digital artist named Lawrence Larsen.
Offering boudoir sessions in cities across the country. Chicago Boudoir - Phoenix Boudoir - Tucson Boudoir - Los Angeles Boudoir - Miami Boudoir - Dallas Boudoir - and beyond!

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